This is a picture of my dog Maggie. I created twelve copies and arranged them in a circle. I ramped the saturation up to 75% and I changed the hue from zero up to 330 as noted on each picture. This looks very similar to my RGB color wheel.

Maggie in various hues

This is a picture of the first red pepper that grew on a plant I bought a few years ago. I made four copies and applied various blurs to get the feel for the difference of each blur effect.

Red Pepper blurs

These are three imported pictures of some baked treats I made back when I was skinny and could afford to eat these sorts of things. On the left is a vanilla cupcake with plain icing. In the center is a delicious chocolate chip muffin (you can get the recipe and see the unedited photo here). On the right a red velvet cupcake with a sinful cream cheese frosting. I used a creative mask to blur the edges of the photographs and then added a "weave" pattern fill and then I used another creative mask to make it look like a common background.

tasty treats

This is another collage I made using the creative auto vector mask. The background picture is a photo I took while on an airplane flying over the English channel. It was a point where you could see both England and France but that did not come out in the photograph. I flipped that photo over and cloned it 3 times to fill the canvas. I then added pictures of my dog Maggie, Lolly and my roommate's dog, Zoeey. I made it look like they were standing on the horizon. I then used a creative auto vector mask to mask out their backgrounds.

Doggies in the Sky

I then decided that the blank foreground needed something, so I used a pattern fill and added the grass.

Doggies in the sky with grass

So, because Zoeey is a black dog, she only photographs well on a light background. The mask did not hide it well, so I used the Rubber Stamp Tool to try to cover up some of the bright blue and tone it down a bit.

Doggies in the sky with grass cleaned up

This was my first attempt to create a billboard for the class. I used images I got from morguefile.com and tried to create a computer collage. Something about this didn't click with me, so I made something less busy which you can see at the top of the page.

Class Billboard attempt number 1