This is the first image I created in Fireworks. It shows off different types of gradients. I created five stars and filled each with a different red/yellow gradient and placed them on a radial gradient where each new color was far from the old color on the color wheel.

Star Gradients

This is a color wheel. I wanted to do something a little different from the standard red/yellow/blue primary colors wheel, so I made an RGB color wheel. Red or #FF0000 is at the top; Green or #00FF00 is at 4 o'clock; Blue or #0000FF is at 8 o'clock.

RGB Color WHeel

This is a "boxy" display of paint chips where I used a number of rectangles layered on top of each other with the largest rectangle in the back being white and the smaller ones in front showing various shades of purple and red from lightest to darkest.

Purple paint chips

The next three images are more like PowerPoint displays instead of actual art. The first one shows fifteen squares, with various border styles and displays in complementary colors. I liked how you could take a square in Fireworks and round out the border so that it turned into a circle.

Squares with borders in complementary colors

These are achromatic (a fancy word for black, white and shades of gray) tiles using the Fireworks "fills" panel.

black and white tiles

This is an example of masked text where there is a picture masked below the text and the picture shows through the text. Here I took a picture of some yellow and green circles floating on a green and blue background and masked it to the text. I added a solid blue stroke to make it stand out.

Masked Adobe Fireworks

So, this was supposed to be an attempt at an abstract color wheel where I made some blob shapes with the pen tool and then filled them in from darkest to lightest. I was just learning to work with the pen tool and I don't like how jagged some of the edges are. I added a light to dark radial gradient as the background to contrast with the dark to light foreground.

abstract color wheel

These are just masked vector shapes with a really cool background image I created in another computer drawing program (Gimp). I added a beveled edge and a drop shadow to make them pop off the background.

Masked shapes

This is another attempt to make an abstract color wheel. This is just twelve lines going across the page from light yellow to orange. I set the stroke to 100, the largest size, and I used the "Fluid Splatter" stroke to make the lines extremely interesting.

Fluid Splatter lines

This is a graphic of all the things I need to learn to be a good web developer. I used a lot of different fonts, sizes and colors. I added some beveled edges and some drop shadows. "Java Script" has a nice glow to it and I converted the AJAX text to paths so I could fill it with a gradient. This is another example of my "box" style.

This is an attempt to get out of my box style. I used the pen tool to create a cross shape. I filled it with a green "DNA" pattern fill and used a darker green stroke. I then copied them and aligned them together - you can still see a box where four of the clovers meet though. I put them on a red and gold satin gradient.

field of clover

This is one line drawn with the pen tool sitting on top of a single gradient. The fill on the shape is a dark green to yellow gradient with some "noise" added. The background is a radial gradient. To make the silver ring, I added three color stops very close to each other.

blue eye

This is a mostly vector drawing with a picture of my dog Lolly. The pink outline is a single pen stroke and I added an inner and outer gradient to fill up the white space. I added a picture of my dog which I used a creative mask to block out the background of the photograph. I then added the text which I converted to a path, so I could fill it in with another gradient.