These are some images that I created using the functionality of the HTML canvas tag. There is a gallery of these pictures here on my website. After I heard about the "WOW SLIDER" I wanted to try using it, so I have added a slider below with the same images. It is pretty easy to set up and to use.

  • blueblockers7x5Blue Blockers
  • bluesquares7x5Blue Squares
  • bubbles7x5Bubbles
  • darkbubbles7x5Under the Sea
  • darksquares7x5Dark Squares
  • greensquares7x5Green Squares
  • greyboxes7x5Achromatic boxes
  • horizontalgreensquares7x5Horizontal Green Boxes
  • hotsnow7x5Hot Snow
  • lotuspetals7x5Lotus Petals
  • purplespots7x5Purple sun spots
  • redcircles7x5red circles
  • smallsemicircles_sun7x5small semi circles
  • stormynight7x5Stormy Night
  • sunandsmog7x5Sun and Smog
  • sunspots7x5Sun Spots
blueblockers7x51 bluesquares7x52 bubbles7x53 darkbubbles7x54 darksquares7x55 greensquares7x56 greyboxes7x57 horizontalgreensquares7x58 hotsnow7x59 lotuspetals7x510 purplespots7x511 redcircles7x512 smallsemicircles_sun7x513 stormynight7x514 sunandsmog7x515 sunspots7x516
Picture Slider by v5.0
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