Fun Stuff Index

This is a catch all page for some pages I had written to include JavaScript as I was trying to learn it. I figured it would easiest to just dump everything into one category and call it "FUN" instead of "MISC" (who wants to go to a page called "MISC STUFF" anyway. So, the nice thing about JavaScript is it makes the pages interactive so there is more to do than just read text and look at pretty pictures.


  1. JavaScript Calculator
    Calculator Picture

    This is a very JavaScript Calculator that does basic arithmetic. I had to turn the picture into a link because when I was (proudly) showing this to a friend of mine, she said, I am clicking on the calculator but it's not doing anything. I told her it was a picture and decided I would make it a link so if someone started clicking on it expecting it to work, they would go to the page with the real calculator and not just a pretty picture of it.

  2. Color Table
    Color Chart Picture

    The page links to a table of the 140 color names that are available in the extended HTML color set. I like having all the colors displayable in one place since it helped me to visual what they looked like. I added the black border to help them to stand out from the background.

  3. Temperature Converter
    Temperature Converter Picture

    This page links to a temperature converter that will translate from Fahrenheit to Celsius or vice versa. This would have been very convenient to have had the last time I was abroad and the hotel room was a roasting 25 degrees Celsius. Deciding it was much too hot, I dialed the thermostat down to 18 degrees Celsius and in the morning I woke up freezing in a room that turned out to be 64 degrees Fahrenheit. The picture reminds me of how I felt that morning. This page uses the picture for a background and I will never do that again. On one of my wide computer screen's, the picture is centered but all of the text is way out on the edge and on my phone, the text is illegible because it is lost in the cityscape.