(9/2002 - 2/18/2008)
On February 18, 2008 my beloved Lolly Cakes passed away from complications from
Lymphoma.  She had a tough life as she had been abandoned at the pound at 6-months.  She
had come from an abusive home and really never warmed up to any people except for me and
Maggie May.   This web page is a tribute to her memory and all the joy she brought to my life.
On March 3, 2007, she was diagnosed with lymphoma and immediately began chemotherapy.  
She achieved remission over the summer but he cancer came back by fall.

This picture was taken of her in September 2007 after she had come out of remission from the
cancer.  I had taken her and Maggie to their Special place by Allen Parkway by the bayou
where I could let them run off the leashes without any other dogs or people.  Lolly Cakes loved
to run and you can feel her joy in this picture
Here are a few pictures from Christmas 2007.  She had gotten some peanut butter cookies
which you can see her nibbling on and also an elastic chew toy which she and Maggie played
with all day.
Here are two pictures taken the weekend before she died.
Here she is guarding the house and where she would sometimes be waiting when I came home
from work.  She would sit on that porch and bark and every dog that came by.
Goodbye my Lolly Cakes.  You were always my
special girl.  I shall miss you terribly.

Love Peter and Maggie May
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Links to older pictures of both Maggie and Lolly
The Queen sitting on her throne