In the New Light

A single candle glowed, the last night of her life,
my grandmother passed on her wisdom in the subdued light.

Live the truth in your soul, not the expectations of others,
eminently shine, fireflies in the blue light.

Don’t work so hard, you’ll miss the best parts of living:
family, good food, music, roses growing in the June light.

Speak from your heart, don’t edit your words,
feelings are precious rubies, sparkling in the true light.

Don’t lose touch with your friends, you’ll always need them,
radiating joy, multi-colored balloons in the moonlight.

Dare to be happy, a robin’s song on a spring day,
dance to her melody in the groove light.

My hands were trembling, leafless branches jostled
by winter’s harsh wind in the inopportune light.

Peter, my rock, these are my lessons for you,
the candle flickered out, ushering in the new light.