To my Husband, who just got Home and is Waiting for his Dinner

-Tired of being blonde / tired of living up to all he expected

Tired of being blonde / tired of letting her dreams go neglected

-Larry Raspberry as sung by Carly Simon

I'm sorry I wasn't here when you got home.

Monarch Butterfly

I decided not to go to Pilates
and tie myself into a knot trying to stay toned for you.

Instead, I went to the hairdresser
chopped off my platinum tresses
and dyed my hair back to its natural acorn brown.

Monarch Butterfly

I stopped at Saks Fifth Avenue,
returned that low-cut silk saffron dress you wanted to show me off in.
Exchanged it for a pair of denim jeans
and a cotton tee-shirt with a butterfly silk-screened on it.

A butterfly emerging from the cocoon,
spreading her golden wings,
kissed by the sun for the first time.

Monarch Butterfly

I went to the bank with the yellow sapphire earrings and necklace
and the rest of the jewelry you bought me.
I had it locked in the vault.
It's safer there than lying around the house.

I won't be eating any more fancy foods with names I can't pronounce:
rumaki, escargot or bouillabaisse.
They have always been too rich for my tastes.

I will be stopping at the deli on my way home
to get some take-out macaroni and cheddar cheese.

Monarch Butterfly

Warm and delicious,

I am going to love it.